Live Boldly Presentation: 6/4/2010

Live Boldly: Unleash Your Potential in Life, Work, & Relationships What would you do if you knew you could not fail—if you were free from the fears, limiting beliefs, and habitual behaviors that keep you stuck? In this life-changing presentation, coach and bestselling author, Lauren Mackler, uncovers the hidden drivers that keep people from living the lives to which they aspire. Participants learn about the “potential blockers” that hold people captive in unfulfilling personal lives, careers, and relationships, and practical tools for moving through these blocks to liberate their potential, and become the person they were born to be. 

Participants will learn:

How our life conditioning impacts our adult lives The core beliefs, roles, and habitual behaviors of the Conditioned Self How to reclaim our “lost parts” and innate wholeness The hidden drivers of fear and how to override them How to “live deliberately” and align our actions with our desired results 

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University of Massachusetts Lowell Inn & Conference Center 50 Warren Street Lowell, MA

June 4th, 2010

Members:  $40 (or $13.33 if paid in 3 monthly installments, starting in March – NEW) Non-Members:  $55 (or $18.33 if paid in 3 monthly installments, starting in March) Students (with ID): $25 (or $8.33 if paid in 3 monthly installments, starting in March) One Class OR the Luncheon Only:  $10

Price includes catered continental breakfast and luncheon.

Guest speakers:

Bestselling Author, Lauren Mackler, Keynote Speaker: “Live Boldly”

Communication specialist, Sheree Galpert: “It Isn’t Bragging: How to Talk Confidently on the Job"

Retirement Planning Specialist, Jon Harrison

Luncheon Speaker, Regina Riviezzo: Women's Health Issues

FEW National Vice-President, Cathy Fletcher

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