"In my experiences I have found few people that encompass Lauren's level of energy and ability to draw the participants' attention like she can." 

— Dennis Kelly, CEO, AT Solutions


Live Boldly - The Art of Living an Extraordinary Life: What would you do if you were free from self-limiting fears, beliefs, and behaviors? Live Boldly unearths the drivers that keep people settling for less than the life to which they aspire. Participants learn about hidden “potential blockers”, and how to move beyond them to create a life aligned with who they are and the vision to which they aspire.

Lead Boldly - The Art of Extraordinary Leadership: This program for professionals in leadership roles presents the attributes, behaviors, management, and strategic business practices of an extraordinary leader. Participants learn about the hidden drivers of toxic workplace behaviors, and leadership and business practices that build high-performing organizations that consistently produce measurable results.

The Art of Interpersonal & Emotional Intelligence: Most people are not great communicators because they never learned how. In this powerful program, participants how to build rapport, gain mastery of their emotions, be a clear and compelling communicator, and interact in ways that invoke others’ respect, defuse conflict, and produce optimal personal and professional outcomes. 

Solemate - Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life: At 14, Lauren Mackler hitchhiked from Boston, MA to Key West, FL. Lauren shares her journey from homeless runaway to international bestselling author and leading expert in personal transformation, relationships, and leadership. Based on her bestselling Solemate book, Lauren presents her step-by-step roadmap to help people achieve greater wholeness and self-mastery on their own and in relationship.


Keynote Presentations: Lauren's 60 or 90 minute Keynotes will leave your conference or meeting participants motivated, energized, and ready to apply the material in their personal and work lives. Though the time spent with participants during a keynote is relatively brief, Lauren is a master at using real examples, humor, and her expertise to present the topic in a dynamic style that engages the audience, and provides new information and practical skills they can implement immediately.

Half or Full Day Programs: Half or Full Day programs use an interactive style that gets participants actively involved in learning new skills. Using real-life examples, information, humor, and group and partner exercises, Lauren creates a high-energy environment in which participants not only gain new information, but leave with understanding how it applies to their own lives. Because of their experiential design, the Half or Full Day programs are ideal for a longer conference or meeting event.

Learn more about having Lauren speak at your organization by clicking below or sending an email to info@laurenmackler.com