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Recipe for Optimal Living

Recipe for Optimal Living

Your intuition is your instinctive knowing about whether something’s right or wrong for you. It’s part of your innate human nature and a practical tool for honoring who you really are. To develop your intuition, start paying attention to it. When you have to make a decision, ask yourself: How does this feel for me? Is this what I should be doing? Use your intuition to help you create the life you want and to avoid situations that are detrimental to you.

Life Keys Radio: The Art of Compassion

Many people walk around with an internal “junk yard” of anger and self-righteousness that contaminates their relationship with themselves, and their relationships with others. Tune in to this Life Keys Radio episode to hear Lauren and her guest Sharon Salzberg talk about how to replace the shackles of anger and resentment with the freedom and joy of living a compassionate life. To listen, click on Life Keys Radio Show.

Are You Being Bullied?

Are you or someone you know being bullied? President Obama recently held a White House conference to discuss ways to prevent bullying in school. But bullying is a problem not just among young people. Workplace bullying can involve threats, baseless criticism, discrimination and favoring some employees unfairly over others. Life and executive coach, bestselling author, and CNN commentator, Lauren Mackler, offers tips for how to respond to a bully on Voice of America. To listen, click here.