Solemate Workshop at Kripalu: 11/27-29, 2009

November 27-29, 2009 Friday-Sunday Many people long for an ideal partner, a “soul mate” to make them feel complete. Others settle for unfulfilling relationships out of fear of being alone. This program is about mastering the art of aloneness, but it’s not about being alone. With a groundbreaking road map to help you achieve mastery of your own life, you can experience a sense of wholeness and well-being on your own or in a relationship.

Based on Lauren Mackler’s Solemate book, this weekend is about becoming the person you were born to be and shedding old beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to realize your greatest potential. Topics include

Uncovering your conditioned and authentic self Managing fear so it doesn’t manage you Living deliberately versus by default Reclaiming your innate wholeness Becoming the partner you seek Building an inner and outer support system Creating and achieving your life vision.

Serenity. WomanThe workshop is designed for women and men who are single or divorced, or seeking greater independence within their partnership.

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