Life Keys: 8/27 - Honoring Your Truth

Sunlight Penetrating Tree's BranchesHonoring your truth can be challenging. Shame, fear of rejection, or of change are barriers to embracing who you really are, your life experiences, and the dreams to which you aspire. Join Lauren and guest Deborah King to learn keys to living authentically, and feeling at peace with your past.  

Lauren Recommends

Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You by Deborah King

A fascinating read—a combination of juicy personal memoir, fun celebrity examples, and solid information that connects the dots between your emotions, health, and happiness. It answers the question, how can the truth change your life, and probes the powerful impact of the naked, unadulterated truth on the emotional and physical issues you encounter every day. Truth Heals shows you where the truth lies inside of you and how to access it; connect any physical problem you’re having to the energy behind it so it can be released; and give you an understanding of why it’s so important to acknowledge and address your hidden pain. It’s a quick, easy read, and packed with helpful tools to improve your life.