Solemate Review


FirstLook Book Review: Solemate by Lauren Mackler Apr 5, 2009 By Kelly Jad'on

America has changed. 95.7 million Americans are single (43%)--many because of divorce, widowhood, or never married. More women today are living without a spouse rather than with one. (Approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce; women outlive men an average of seven years.)

In the past, it was typically considered not the norm for an adult to live alone, and be happy. Today, that attitude is changing.

Lauren Mackler knows firsthand what it's like to overcome this stereotype and become the person she was meant to be. Following a drawn out divorce in her early thirties in Europe, she flew home to the United States to restart her life as a penniless single mother. Mackler sunk into a depression and asked her own parents for help at the point of a mental breakdown. "That moment," she writes "would prove to be a major turning point ... Read_more.