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Yoga for Greater Health and Wellness


Yoga is the ancient practice of physical poses meant to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Along with this powerful union comes endless physical and psychological benefits. Yoga exercises have been proven to strengthen and tone muscles, as well as promote circulatory health. Mentally, yoga puts the mind in a state of relaxation and can even encourage positive thoughts and self-acceptance. Studies show that just 30 minutes of yoga, five times a week can improve energy level, concentration, memory, and overall mood. Whether you are looking for a gentle class to help you to de-stress or a more intense class to provide a vigorous workout, there are many facilities offering a range of exciting yoga practice opportunities.

For people in the Boston area, I highly recommend Alex Bauermeister’s fantastic yoga classes and workshops. For info, click here. For those new to yoga, click here for some beginner yoga poses.