Upcoming Events

The Art of Self-Compassion - 1/18/18 (Newton, MA) and 1/27/18 (Cambridge, MA) - Many people treat themselves in ways that undermine their emotional and physical health, their relationships, and the results they’re trying to achieve in their personal and professional lives. In this powerful interactive presentation, world-renowned coach, psychotherapist, CNN commentator, and bestselling author of “Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life”, Lauren Mackler, unearths the origins of self-defeating habits, and offers practical ways to cultivate greater compassion and self-nurturance as a new way of being in your daily life. You will learn essential tools for reclaiming your innate self-esteem and confidence, and appreciation for the unique human being that you are. Turn the concept of self-love into concrete behaviors that, over time, have a transformative effect on your life. This event is relevant for the general public as well as practicing mental health and healing professionals. For info and registration, click here.

The Art of Relationship - 2/5/18 (Brookline, MA) - Are you tired of failed relationships, chronic conflict, resentment, or feeling like you’re "settling" for less than your heart’s desire? Do you dread the thought of spending yet another Valentine's Day alone? Here's a chance to fine tune your relationship skills in this lecture with Lauren Mackler, a world-renowned coach, CNN commentator, best-selling author of Solemate. The Art of Relationship is for singles and couples committed to laying the foundation upon which to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship that embodies the qualities of self-awareness, accountability, mindfulness, vulnerability, and compassion. Together, we'll address important issues such as conscious partnership versus codependence, hidden "drivers" of chemistry, the art of negotiation, and managing conflict to produce the outcome you want in your current or next relationship. For info and registration, click here.

Solemate: Mastering the Art of Aloneness - 2/9-2/11, 2018 (Lenox, MA)Weekend workshop at Kripalu! Are you ready to gain mastery over your own life? Many people spend years waiting for a “soul mate” to make them feel complete. Others settle for difficult or unfulfilling or relationships out of fear of being alone. Instead of depending on someone else to make you whole, this powerful workshop takes you on a life-changing journey to greater self-mastery, empowerment, and well-being—whether you’re living your life on your own or in a relationship. For individuals who are single or divorced, or people seeking greater independence within their partnership. For info and registration, click here.