Boss Management 101

A positive and mutually respectful relationship with your boss not only makes going to work more pleasant, it can have a significant impact on your job performance and career. But some managers make this very challenging. Many bosses have never learned effective managerial and leadership skills, so average to bad managers are more the norm than the exception.

In today’s world, a manager’s workload is likely to encompass one that was shared by three or four people twenty years ago. Between that and the fact that many leaders lack effective time-management skills, chances are your boss is overextended and overwhelmed. But regardless of your boss’s deficiencies, you are ultimately the one who’s responsible for your day-to-day performance and results.

Many people feel powerless to improve their relationship with an incompetent boss. But while it takes two people to create an optimal relationship, it only takes one to produce change. By implementing new behaviors with your boss, you can significantly improve your own productivity and achieve better outcomes. To read the entire article in The Huffington Post, click here.