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Truth, Triumph, and Transformation: Sorting Out the Fact from the Fiction in Universal Law By New York Times best-selling author, Sandra Anne Taylor

In this enlightening book, my friend and fellow Hay House author, Sandra Anne Taylor, examines the many elements of destiny, and separates the reliable facts from the confusing fiction that has built up around the laws of attraction. She offers a unique and comprehensive understanding about why things really happen, empowering you to triumph over difficult cycles without self-blame or fear. No matter what obstacles you may encounter, you can turn adversity into new opportunities! Let go of the lies and the clichés, and learn the whole truth in this wonderful new book. Sandra has been a guest on my Life Keys show and Solemate Teleseminar, and I can tell you, this is a woman who really knows her stuff! To purchase the book and get receive free bonus gifts from me and many other authors, click here.