Lauren Recommends: New Release Books

Summer’s Path By Scott Blum

The #1 best-selling e-book is now available as an expanded-edition hardcover. Now with two additional chapters, this first printed edition of Summer's Path by DailyOM co-founder Scott Blum presents the remarkable story of Don Newport, an engineer who comes face-to-face with his personal destiny under extraordinary circumstances. After losing his job and his health insurance, Don learns that he has a terminal disease with only a few months left to live. On his deathbed, he meets Robert, a brazen angel of death who promises to help him have a graceful exit. As Don prepares to say his last goodbyes to his loving wife, Robert attempts to change Don's perspective about his mortality and proposes an exceptionally unique option. Summer's Path is the prequel to the best-selling book, Waiting for Autumn.

The Leader Who Had No Title By Robin Sharma

There's an extraordinary new book that’s just been published; one that shows you exactly how the world’s billionaires, superstars, and geniuses achieve success. An international bestseller within days of its release, The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life (Simon & Schuster) is the game-changing book by top leadership expert Robin Sharma, whose books have transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. For the first time, Robin shares the proprietary success formula that he's shared with billionaire coaching clients and companies like NIKE, FedEx, IBM, Microsoft and GE.

The Leader Who Had No Title shows you how to awaken your inner leader, play at wow in all you do, unleash massive amounts of excellence and productivity, get to world-class in your work, and win in these turbulent times. This book will blow the doors off your past ways of thinking, performing and being. Buy this book TODAY, April 6th and get over 100 incredible bonus gifts from bestselling authors (worth over $1,057) and a chance to win one of 24 iPods. Click the link above now!