Book Review: Master the Art of Aloneness on

You’ve probably heard the saying: “To love, you have to first love yourself.” This saying truly gets to the heart of Lauren Mackler’s Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness and Transform Your Life . I have to be completely honest, I’m biased in writing this review.  Lauren Mackler was my career coach and instrumental in inspiring me to start Sheer Balance.  So when it came to reviewing her book, I was sold even before I had my very own signed copy in hand. Although I never hired Lauren as a life coach, Lauren’s methodologies and approach as a career coach were sound, practical and results oriented. After reading Solemate, I can honestly attest that the same holds true for her approach to life coaching.

While many of Lauren’s contemporaries and colleagues fall into the “Law of Attraction” arena, which for some of us seems way to ambiguous, dreamy and borderline “hoo-haey,” Lauren’s approach to finding happiness is packaged neatly into a step-by-step process that is commonsensical, relevant and real.  She has created a road-map that has real destinations with real purpose. In short, it is easy to understand why her process works and why anyone, no matter their life experiences, can adopt her philosophy and her teachings. Solemate is the perfect book for anyone at any age…single or not…looking to find more happiness, purpose and overall mental well-being…to read the entire review Click Here.