Lauren Recommends: The 5 Keys to the Great Life

The 5 Keys to the Great LifeBy Dr. Tomi Bryan & Dr. Jerry White

“The 5 Keys” is a brand-new book by Drs. Jerry White and Tomi Bryan – a brother and sister team with a combined background in Education, Systems Thinking, Law, and Organizational Management. That may seem an odd combination of influences to draw on. But it’s what makes this book – and the system they reveal – so very different from all the rest. And one of the greatest differences is … IT WORKS! Bryan’s and White’s “Great Life System” actually got its start in collaborations between Jerry and their father – another Psychologist. And they’ve been using their system, constantly refining and honing it for ever-greater effectiveness, to help improve the lives of the countless people they’ve worked with through the years. This book will totally change your perspective on our world, and on the field of self-change … and open your eyes to just how great you and your life can become!