Lauren Recommends: New Release Books

The holidays can trigger self-defeating eating patterns and perceptions about our bodies and ourselves. Below are two new books that can help you practice good self-care over the holidays and beyond.  Love Your Body coverLove Your Body, Love Your Life! By Sarah Maria 

This is a great book for anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of health, fitness, love, and vitality, but has been held back by self-defeating perceptions and feelings about their bodies. Love Your Body, Love Your Life! will help you gain control of your life, embrace your inner and outer beauty, and move beyond negative body obsessions that hold you back from creating a life you love.

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Get Real and Stop Dieting“GET REAL” and STOP Dieting! By Brett Blumenthal

This is a practical guide to eating healthy for life. Whether you’re looking to shed excess-weight or just want to develop healthier eating habits, Get Real’s 5 core principles—which are founded on facts, not fads—are easy to implement and effective in making the positive changes you want.

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