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I wanted to share this wonderful review of Solemate by Cherie Burbach. She is also giving away a free copy of Solemate. Click the link below to enter the contest! September 24, 2009 by Cherie Burbach   solemate-coverAs a dating writer, I know all too well that woman try and find one special person in their life, a soul mate, so they will finally feel “complete.” The problem is, when a woman isn’t complete in herself, she can’t ever really be happy with anyone. A woman that doesn’t understand this will not only have troubles in romantic relationships, but also in other types of relationships as well.

For any woman that has felt a little empty (regardless if its dating related or simply in everyday life), I encourage you to read this wonderful book by Lauren Mackler called Solemate. I was riveted because it is not only beautifully written but gives excellent advice as well. The subtitle of this book “Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life” may make you believe that the book encourages women to be alone all the time. But what the book really does is makes women become so comfortable in their own skin that they attractive the very best types of relationships to them.

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