Loving Your Solo Status: Interview on Divine.ca

Woman laughingBeing single isn’t always easy and sometimes has its less-fun moments. But embracing the positive aspects of being alone is imperative for a happier you. We spoke with Lauren Mackler, author of Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life, for steps on how to love yourself before anyone else.
Do an honest assessment of yourself. Mackler admits:“It’s painful to look at part of ourselves that aren’t working well.” However, it’s important to look at yourself and take stock of your life, from whether you are expressing all parts of yourself, to differentiating the relationships you want to have from the ones you actually have.
Take note of patterns that are holding you back. This is a matter of connecting the dots, looking into people as well as personal behaviours that may be hindering your chance at growth. One example that Mackler provides is that if ever you felt misunderstood growing up, you’re likely replicating ... Click here to read the entire interview.