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“Conditioning is the root of most people’s dysfunction. If you aren’t aware of what you are doing, how can you make a change to reconstruct how you live your life?” Lauren Mackler's Solemate, an international bestseller on its second printing, serves as a guide for people looking to find the path by finding the soul mate in themselves. It is a book about mastering the art of aloneness and what beauty can be found in enjoying your own company and uniqueness. Mackler’s personal journey paved the way for her to write her book. “I got married very young, and I thought of myself as a very independent person, career-oriented, and despite those perceptions, I replicated what my mom had done – I gave up my career and became a homemaker and a wife.”

The marriage fell apart. Mackler found herself divorced and living in a foreign country. “I got to the point of using my security deposit for the last month’s rent... Click here to read the entire article.