How do you have fun?

How do you have fun? Post your favorites! I love karaoke (the singer in me still enjoys a good croon) and darts (I'm getting pretty good)! I also love rainy day movie marathons. I watch 2-3 of my favorite movies back to back with my beloved Bichon, Cosette, by my side. Some of my all-time favorites: Defending Your Life..., Hearts & Souls, Mermaids, and Mr. Holland's Opus. Can't wait to hear how you have fun! Cosette 2-071.Sm for Web


Are You Estranged from a Family Member?

A national news television show is doing a segment about me working with estranged family members, and is looking for 2 estranged family members who would like to repair their relationship. It can be a couple, a parent and child (20s+), or siblings. The estranged pair will spend 3 days working with me on air at no cost to them. I will use my Illumineering method—which integrates family systems work, psychodynamic psychology, and coaching—to help them identify and address the root causes of the issues that led to the estrangement, and concrete actions they can take to build and sustain a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with each other. If you or someone you know is estranged with a family member and is interested in being part of this groundbreaking segment, please send an email to info@laurenmackler.com.