We all have a “story” about who we are. Yours may be a story of having to be perfect, not being good enough, chronic people pleasing, depression, fear, or shame, or of settling for less than your heart’s desire. Your story created the life you have today. But you can always create a new story with new outcomes. If you're not satisfied with the results you're getting, change the story.    


When we're born, we are whole human beings with tremendous potential. Growing up, we respond to our conditioning by adopting thought and behavior patterns, some of which limit our potential. These patterns follow us into adulthood, and create our stories about our selves, relationships, personal lives, and careers. Illumineering is a groundbreaking integration of psychology and coaching to help you create a new story—to liberate your potential and achieve the results you want.  

Illumineering was created by psychotherapist and coach Lauren Mackler. After recognizing the limitations of using psychology or coaching as a sole approach, she combined the two to help clients achieve more transformative and lasting results. Illumineering has helped people around the world to improve their personal lives, relationships, careers, and companies. Clients include individuals, couples, executives, family members, business partners, and entrepreneurs. Sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime, or in-person, depending on location.

There are four different Illumineering Coaching types, each designed to address clients’ specific situations, challenges, and goals:

Illumineering Life Coaching: for people aspiring to change limiting patterns, achieve specific goals, or manage a life loss, challenge, or transition

Illumineering Relationship Coaching: for singles seeking a relationship, couples wanting a more fulfilling partnership, family members facing interpersonal challenges, or business partners in conflict

Illumineering Career Coaching: for people wanting a more satisfying job or career, professionals seeking improved performance, or entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their own business 

Illumineering Executive Coaching: for executives wanting to expand their leadership skills, better manage performance challenges, or achieve specific business goals

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