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Out with the Old; In with the New!

Are your mind and emotions bogged down by old patterns? Do you make the same resolutions to change year after year? Or, perhaps, you feel overwhelmed by physical clutter, unused objects, or disorganization in your home or professional life. If so, it may be time to “spring clean” your life! In this powerful lecture, world-renowned coach, psychotherapist, CNN commentator, and author of international bestseller Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness and Transform Your Life, Lauren Mackler, discusses how each of us has a defined amount of life energy at any given time, and where we allocate that energy creates the life we have. Because most people never learned the “art of uncluttering”, they hold on to old ways of thinking, feeling, and living, keeping their life energy and potential captive. Join Lauren to learn how to shed old patterns, unlock your energy, and liberate your potential to create a life you love. In Brookline, MA.

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